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The Incline Village General Improvement District, commonly referred to as IVGID, is a quasi-public agency chartered to provide water, sewer, trash and recreation services for the communities of Incline Village and Crystal Bay, Nevada. It is governed by five elected Board of Trustees which, sets policy and determines strategies for the accomplishing its charter. Both Incline Village and Crystal Bay, Nevada are located within Washoe County, the entity that had the authority to create IVGID, and they are both unincorporated areas within Washoe County.
Within the limits of the statutes, IVGID is empowered to determine what facilities and services it should offer that will preserve or enhance the general health, safety and welfare of the community. It may set rates, tolls and fees to be charged for the provision of those facilities and services, and it may borrow or raise funds to acquire, construct and/or provide those facilities and services to the community. Finally, IVGID has the power to levy and collect taxes necessary to sustain its operations.
IVGID is responsible for the maintenance of the public facilities as well. They include Diamond Peak, the golf courses, the three beaches, and the Recreation Center

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) TRPA Logo
In the late 1960’s after two decades of rapid growth, the debate about conserving Lake Tahoe and its world renowned water clarity came to be a very hot topic. From those debates came a bi-state agreement between California and Nevada to create a bureaucracy to oversee development at Lake Tahoe. This compact was known as the “Tahoe Regional Planning Agency” and was ratified by United States Congress in 1969.
A major revision of the compact came in 1980 when TRPA was given the authority to adopt environmental standards. These standards are commonly known as “thresholds” and the first of the thresholds were adopted in 1982.
TRPA went through many struggles to adopt the guidelines in place today. The current guidelines were approved in 1987 and have been altered slightly over the years.

TRPA Core Values

  • Environmental Protection: Serving as stewards of Lake Tahoe and attaining environmental thresholds while sustaining the ecological, social and economic well being of the Tahoe Region.
  • Public Service and Professionalism: Serving the public with the highest professional standards of openness, integrity, honesty, fairness, consistency and equity.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Building a relationship of trust and cooperation with the community and stakeholders while promoting teamwork within the Agency.
  • Communication: Communicating proactively both internally and to the public and target audiences to foster public education and understanding of our mission.
  • Management: Using the best available science to cooperatively lead a strategic effort to save Lake Tahoe with a focus on results.

 Washoe County
Washoe County is a growing area located along the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in western Nevada. The county covers an area of 6,600 square miles in the northwest section of the State bordering California and Oregon and has a population of nearly 380,000.

The county seat is the City of Reno, the second largest city in Nevada. Other communities in Washoe County are Sparks and Incline Village, at Lake Tahoe.

http://www.co.washoe.nv.us/ is the Washoe County main page.


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